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The next 6 speakers

It’s now time to announce the next six speakers for the Power BI Next Step conference. Say welcome to Kasper de Jonge, Wolfgang Strasser, Benni De Jagere, Reid Havens, Bent Nissen Froning and Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen.

They have all been working with Power BI right from the very beginning and is known to deliver TOP content. Take a look at these incredible topics. Don’t you wanna attend all of them?

  • Lessons learned from 5 years of Power BI implementations
  • Data what? Why you should govern your data estate and include your Power BI universe!
  • Troubleshooting Power BI Reports
  • Bedazzling Your Bookmarks & Buttons
  • Who are using what in your Power BI Reports?
  • Do You Speak English? Localized Reports with Power BI

Tickets are selling fast! So be quick if you wanna make a registration to the special super-early-bird price. You can off-course also wait until the full schedule for the conference will be revealed on June 14th.