Our 18 incredibly speakers that you can experience if you register to the conference!

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Information to the speakers

The light and optimism is coming back 😊 The current schedule for vaccination in Denmark, US and most of Europe looks really promising and travel restrictions are also lifting in more and more countries. But there is of course still a minimal risk that we will need to adjust or postpone the conference. Therefore we have this timeline setup:

  • 14. Jun – Schedule announcement
  • 1. Aug – Go or postpone
  • 16. Sep – Welcome reception (7pm CET)
  • 17. Sep – Conference and speaker dinner
  • 18. Sep – Speaker tour (10am CET)

If you book your travel and/or accommodation before August 1st, then please only do so if it can be refunded or postponed.

We can’t predict the travels restrictions in the future, but we have high hopes as the plans for Denmark looks really promising. They are lifting in four phases with the last phase scheduled end of June – long time before the conference. There can of course be setbacks and special restrictions for certain countries and we are therefor flexible and have backup plans 😊

Feel free to ping us on Twitter if you have any questions: @PowerBINextStep