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Last batch of speakers

Have we saved the best in the end? We will let you decide ? Here you get another 6 amazing speakers from the Netherlands, Portugal, United States, Denmark and 2 x United Kingdom. Register for the Power BI Next Step conference, so you can get the chance to meet Nicky van Vroenhoven, Rui Romano, James Dales, Mike Carlo, Mathias Halkjaer, Chris Webb and watch these sessions:

  • Query Folding in Power BI
  • Power BI Development on Steroids
  • Pushing the boundaries of mapping in Power BI
  • Charticulator all the things!
  • Complex access control design with Row-Level Security
  • Using Excel as a reporting and analysis tool for Power BI data

The Super-Early-Bird tickets are now sold out and we have therefor started the sale of the next 50 tickets to the Early-Bird price. We are totally amazed by the big interest to attend the conference ?

Look out for the schedule, that will be published next week or GO ind now and see the full list of speakers.