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Venue 2022

The conference is held at LEGOLAND® Hotel in Billund. One of Denmark’s most modern and flexible providers of premises for meetings, conferences and corporate events.

LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference provides a unique settings for the Power BI Next Step conference, with the world-famous LEGOLAND® in the back garden. The hotel and conference facilities is run with the LEGO® universe as a theme.

The training sessions Monday will be in Auditorium B and Room U11 + U14. The conference sessions Tuesday will take place in Auditorium A and Room C + D.

Find your way

Address: Aastvej 10, 7190 Billund, Denmark

Billund International Airport (BLL) is just 3 km from the LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference. There are direct flight connections to most of Europe.

Getting from the Airport is easy with bus. It’s only 2 stops and less than 5 minutes with bus number 43, 119, 143, 144 or 166. You can buy a single ticket in Sydtrafik Mobilbillet app or with cash in the bus. The bus driver only accepts Danish Kroner and can only provide change up to the nearest 100 kr.


Tickets to the conference don’t include accommodation. If you need accommodation, you can book it directly at the LEGOLAND® Hotel or one of the other hotels in Billund.